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This record was recorded in the mountains of North Carolina in march of 2011. Additional recording was done at Casa de la Kuehn in Southport, NC.


released April 25, 2011

Karl Kuehn- guitar, vocals, bass, drums, percussion
Becca High- keyboards, vocals, percussion

All song written, recorded, mixed, and produced by SWTHRT.



all rights reserved


SWTHRT Southport, North Carolina

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Track Name: Good Omens
I'm turning a new leaf
and I'm writing a new song every day
to keep my thoughts at bay
to maintain a sense of productivity
maybe one day reach my full potential
be the man I'd like to be
and stop wasting time inside on such a nice day

Do you wanna take a walk down by the lake?
It's such a nice day- let's take a walk down by the lake

The same as time goes by
one day I'll find the one I'd like to meet
I picture your face in bad lighting
just the glare off your chin and your cheek
I need to talk to you
there are some things I'd like to do
Track Name: I Am In Misery
You never think about yourself
your godlike image
your moral wealth
I've got to hand it to you
you'll be the death of me
I'm in misery

Fake sentiment is just apathy
we both know I'm underwhelming
it's a fact given our history
but what can I say really?

Given our history- I am in misery
you'll be the death of me- I am in misery
Track Name: Long Hair Don't Care
I never want to be a burden
and I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do
but this constant company keeps me from feeling so lonely
and I would do whatever you wanna do

Sometimes I'm too shy
I hope you don't mind
but the nights that go by just go by so slow
when I'm sleeping is when I'm most at home
but I can't lie in this bed forever feeling so alone

I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do
Track Name: Boys With Problems
I'm begging for simplicity
peace of mind so I can rest at ease
to find the meaning hidden in the words
or extra bread so I can feed the birds
I don't think about too much these days
I don't want these things to ever go away
I like my friends and I love this town
my feet have finally found the ground

Let's talk
about the future
about the past
and how I'm living in the aftermath

These little victories are all I have
and I guess the bigger picture is not that bad
but we made some plans and I forgot them
I'm one in a million boys with problems
Track Name: So Dumb
I don't want you to see me
as someone it could be easy
to get along with
cuz honestly
just seeing your face really bugs me

What you say is dumb
but I'll hold my tongue

And I don't want you to think about me
I don't want you calling me baby
please keep your distance from me
sure I'm unhappy alone
but I don't need you to call my own
Track Name: Aloha Y'all
Doing nothing on
a thursday night in november
and if I fall asleep
wake me up so I'll remember
all the things we laughed at
and all the jokes that you cracked
the songs we played at half speed
I haven't laughed this hard since last week

Nothing's going on
but we still manage to have fun
we'll blow up some balloons tonight
then reminisce in the daylight
about the things we laughed at
and all the jokes that you cracked
the songs we played at half speed
I haven't laughed this hard since last week
Track Name: Terror Dread
You really did it this time
you left me a wreck I swear
I was losing my mind
did you not think I'd care
did you think I could just carry on with life?
I stayed inside all day
hoping that you were fine
I stayed inside I swear
just losing my mind

Well I'm not mad at you
so let's go outside
go for a bike ride with you
and pretend like it's old times
remember when the world was wide?
it's not too late for you
you've got to give it a try
Track Name: No Holiday
I want my face to feel the air
I just want to have nice hair
I want to live free of guilt
in the life that I've built

I wanna see the northern lights before I die

My mother said, "Give up the gun"
and put your running shoes on
you know one day your time will come
and you'll fess up for what you've done
Track Name: I Hate This
I can't understand the purpose or
infatuation with being in love
cuz nothing lasts very long
and I am no fun

This kills me
I can't stand anyone around me
I hate this
I can't stand everyone around me
Track Name: Sunroof
I really really want to get high
or find a better way to waste my time
and stop stressing about all the things
I know I'm missing out

But it's been nice feeling like
I'm bigger than myself
and it's been nice feeling like
it's you and me and no one else

Now I'm freaking out
and I'm breaking down
just thinking about my life in this town
my existence is cheap
the effects are weak
just staying here is doing nothing for me